Our story

Having been around for 30 years, DELGO produces and markets filling and protection seal application systems for different types of packaging (cups, pots, bottles, food trays, buckets, gallons, drums, tubes, etc.) for food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

With a wide range of sealing, dosing and filling machines, we provide solutions to micro, small, medium and large companies. Our machines – manual or fully automated – serve from the small producer (200-300 units/hour) to a production line of 12,000 units/hour.

To this end, we have designed our equipment to meet the customer’s needs, taking into account four main variables: production process, product features, packaging used, and targeted production volume.

Since 2006, the company manufactures pre-cut seals (caps & seals) or seal reels in multiple structures for polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, PVC, PET and Paperboard/PET packaging, used in pressure, temperature and induction sealing systems.

Headquartered in a modern plant, the company is able to cut more than 150 million seals per month.

Fully automated presses, non-manual production, automatic scrap exhaust systems, quality control and traceability in all stages of production process assure product quality and customer satisfaction.

Delgo produces its own tools and cutting equipment, which translates into versatility and agility to the consumer in developing new products.

Management policy

Keep and continuously improve a management system focused on promoting quality and product safety throughout its production chain and assure the customer satisfaction are the guidelines that guide DELGO.


Provide solutions for packaging, filling and sealing processes for the protection and safety of food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical products.


Our goal is to become a benchmark in filling solutions, protection and safety of food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical products, by continuously adding value to clients, professionals and company shareholders.


• Focus on the client;
• Results;
• Communication and collaboration;
• Quality and innovation;
• Transparency and accountability.


• ISO 9001 certification since 2014
• Cutting-edge technology
• Specialized team
• Tailored solutions